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2023 Annual Appeal: Climate Change, Conservation and Sustainability

For the last several years, Friends of Nepal has focused on the “Let Girls Learn” initiative by partnering with groups that support girls’ education and women’s livelihoods. Selected projects have ranged from early childhood development, to job skills training for women, to the delivery of laptops and internet service in classrooms. And in 2021, during the Covid pandemic, we turned our attention to humanitarian aid. Whatever the focus, the FoN Grants Committee has sought to work with grassroots organizations that have a longstanding relationship to the target area and its community members. FoN will continue to uphold this goal and advocate for the people of Nepal as we move into a new year. But, in doing so, we will address some additional looming challenges that Nepal is facing.

In 2023, the Grants Committee will consider proposals related to climate change, conservation, and sustainability in Nepal. To read the full announcement in our annual appeal letter, follow this link. You can make a donation to the campaign here.

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