Reports & Documents

2020 Annual Report

Income: Membership Dues $2,895, Covid Relief Special Appeal $8,750, Let Girls Learn Appeal $2,285, General Contributions $17,226

Expenses: Ama Ghar Grant $4,000, Administrative $5,217, Contributions $200, Tsoknyi Gechak School Grant $4,000, Hands in Outreach Grant $4,500

2017 Annual Report

A new Friends of Nepal board was elected in early 2017, led by Dan Donaghue, N-47, as president. One of Donaghue’s first initiatives was to launch a fundraising campaign and call for grant proposals on the theme of Let Girls Learn. That campaign enabled FoN to give $20,000 during the 2017 funding cycle to support development projects throughout the country. Only $15,000 in grants is reflected in the 2017 Expenses graph because some of the funds were not transferred until the beginning of calendar year 2018.

FoN continued the Let Girls Learn theme through the 2018 funding cycle, and we have committed another $20,000 to five worthy projects.

2015 Annual Report

The April 2015 earthquake changed everything. Friends of Nepal immediately turned our attention away from general development projects and towards emergency earthquake relief. Within a few days of the earthquake we sent $30,000 to Patan Hospital, to help defray the costs of treating earthquake victims from all over the valley. We set up a short-term donation drive which drew in about $80,000 in the first two weeks, and over $100,000 total. Not bad for a group of only 101 members!

We spent $82,000 of the earthquake relief funding in 2015, and the rest was allocated in early 2016, to go towards the rebuilding effort. As an all-volunteer organization, we were able to spend 95% of our money on grants to Nepal, and only 5% on administrative expenses such as bank fees, the newsletter, and printing costs for our annual mailing.

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